Weekend Vibes..

We had a fantastic long weekend together – it was a nice combo of lazy and active. Lots of reading, sitting around, playing games, but also exploring – and even some socially distanced social time!

On Saturday a few friends and I got together for some 6-8 feet away drinks and conversation. I put on a dress, my new necklace, slipped on sandals and off I went. We even all brought our own beverages and glasses so that we didn’t touch things others had touched – and so Kelly didn’t have to wash a glass. It was so nice to just see their faces – and I was so relaxed, watching the birds. And this was the very first time I had been away from Wyatt since March 12. I probably could have curled up on the outdoor couch and taken a nap, I became so comfy. I have taken to naming my friend’s homes lately (I blame all that British tv), and I have decided Kelly’s house should be called Refuge.

Then Sunday and Monday we spent pond dipping, as part of our homeschooling for the week! This week is all about ponds and frogs so we were hoping to catch some minibeasts in our catch and release beach aquarium. We only managed to find an aquatic snail in the water, but we did spot a Northern Water Snake, two turtles, a Great Blue Heron, a ton of Red-Winged Blackbirds, heard a bullfrog, and a little American toad! We brought the toad home as our guest for a few weeks, then we will let her go. Wyatt has named her Uh-Oh. the funny part is my brother found a toad yesterday and brought it in as a pet for my niece (who named hers Cupcake). But it all started with Kelly who found one last week and brought it in to avoid the cold snap. Her toad is a beast! They named her Theodora.

Later Monday evening my brother invited us, my mom, and my sister-in-law’s mother over for a socially distanced bonfire. It was so very nice to be near my family again, even though I itched to hug them all! Again, we all brought our own drinks and cups. What a strange new world we live in. Regardless, it was so fantastic to see their faces and talk to them, and not through a screen! Wyatt was so happy too, and just kept pointing to everyone and saying “Wow”. It was his first time seeing his family in months, and even though we were apart, it was wonderful to be sitting and talking together.

It was nice to be back exploring and seeing people again, no matter how we had to do it.

Shelter-in-Place Snacktime

So I don’t know about everyone else, but our house is snacking more and eating more junk than we ever have. I don’t know what this is about, if it is just the fact that it is one of the things left to us right now, indulging our sweet tooth, but man, we keep craving things like crazy!

Right before the state went to shelter-in-place, my husband went to the grocery store with instructions to buy whatever he wanted, and to not worry about the budget for like the first time ever. I had previously bought a bunch of stuff, and had been since January honestly. I’ve been nervous about COVID for a while now, and I was adding things to my groceries and stocking away for months, but not fun food, if you know what I mean. So, Billy had carte blanche at the store, and took full advantage, returning with things we needed and that were important, but also with cookies and crackers and Doritos and wine and a pie even.

So we have been enjoying many things, but there are some true favorites that are emerging. Oreos are tops right now in this house. Doritos for me, Fritos for Billy. Chocolate chip cookies have a place too – but the biggest win of all was Wyatt loving cake. I made a box cake, Strawberry flavored with vanilla frosting and sprinkles for Easter (I am not a great baker) and Wyatt wanted it every single night for a week. I am hoping that he actually gains a little weight over this time period (we have to look for positives!). Other things that we have splurged on are Nutty Buddy bars, Rice Krispie treats, and Pop-Tarts. Oh and sugar cereal! Just who are we now? I have a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast every morning and it is so good! Wyatt has been allowed Cocoa Puffs but then I found an organic, better for him version that I subbed in. I think he knows the difference though… For now though, I am not going to worry about it. We are not overdoing it, but it is definitely more than normal!

We’ve also been eating things we normally wouldn’t, is anyone else doing this? We have bagel, egg, and cheese sandwiches at least once a week, sometimes more. We had Kroger brand gluten-free frozen pizza a few times, because that is what was available, and we like to have pizza as a treat once a week. We were pleasantly surprised at how delicious it is! Like, we might actually get it for reals after this is over. For now though, we take what there is and are happy to have it. As my friend says, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. I try not to overburden the grocery pickup staff with big lists of crazy things or too much that is not essential – but I do have a five year old, and we do allow a few items on there. I just try not to make their lives harder than they are. So when we do indulge, we really enjoy and appreciate these fun food items.

How about you? Is there something you are indulging in or craving?