Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mother Nature Lover

Ah, Mother’s Day. I remember my very first Mother’s Day. Wyatt was only two months old, one month adjusted with his preemie age factored in, and I woke up early on a rainy day to realize I needed to go to the store and grab his special formula before he woke up. It was quiet, Billy and Wyatt were both sleeping, and I thought, this is what it is like to be a mom. I have no idea why that moment felt like that so much to me, but it did. It’s the small things though, those tiny little moments, the pockets of everyday where we do things behind the scenes all the time (just like fathers do as well).

Wyatt was a surprise. We didn’t think we could have children, then boom, one day there was Wyatt. The best surprise we ever had that is for sure. However, we are all different, and have different situations. And Mother’s Day can be a hard day for a lot of people, for many different reasons. So this list is for anyone who nurtures and loves, whether that nurturing is for a child or a furry or scaly pet, or a plant, or an elderly parent or a sibling – frankly, for anyone. But especially for someone who loves nature!

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First, the bracelet I asked for. LOL. I had a rabbit bracelet similar to this that I never took off and wore for years and then sometime over the winter it must have snagged on something or it fell off and I didn’t notice but I lost it. And I miss it!

I also totally dig that mug! Because, yeah, I’m crunchy too.

Two adorable tees!! I love both of these and would wear them myself all the time. I love the fox among the flowers, it is just so sweet. And I would like to consider myself a wild mama, like wild as in liking the wilderness.

These socks are too cute!! And can be ordered with the names of children, or fur babies! And this family tree bar necklace is perfect for that boho-hippie in your life!

So I am in love with this blanket! It looks so lovely to cuddle under! The company can also personalize the blankets as well, which would be a sweet touch. And this ring is beautiful to me – green, floral, dainty. Perfection!!

Owls!!!! They are not what they seem you know! (Bonus points to you if you recognize the reference..) I really really need to get my ears re-pierced because Etsy always has the cutest earrings like these! And I just can’t with the cuteness of this secret locket necklace!! I have developed a love for squirrels this year, partially because I have a little squirrel we named Jack who scratches at the window by where I sit to let me know it is time to feed him. And when I open the door, he is sitting on the welcome mat, then runs over and leaps to the porch rail and waits for his peanuts. It is so darn cute! Anyone, this necklace has both acorns and squirrels, plus you can add your little secret message to your loved one.

I hope that you enjoyed these fun nature finds! I know that I enjoyed browsing the Etsy site, as I always do….

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My little bit outdoors, little bit bookish Holiday Gift Guide

I have been having way too much fun browsing for gifts online this year. There are just so many great makers and creators out there! These items are a little bit outdoorsy, a little bit bookish because that is what I tend to look at the most! A few of these are on my list for others, some on my list, one or two I have even purchased and put away for Christmas already.

This post contains affiliate links from Etsy.

Leather Journal: These leather journals are customizable with nine different stamps and can be further personalized with the name of your loved one. They can hold a field notes notebook as well as a pen and license, debit, card, etc. I actually plan to buy two of these for two special people in my life. I just need to decide on color and customizations!

Let Us Go Then illustrated book: Ok. So, this is something on my own list but I adore it. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot is my all time favorite poem. This little book contains an illustrated rendering of the poem, alongside the lines of the poem itself. It is printed on matte paper and I think it is just so cool looking, honestly. This company also offers the book in different poems, as well as notebooks and journals.

Burned Cedar Kuksa Hiking Mug: I love this! I bought my husband a kuksa a few years ago and he takes it with him on long hikes and camping trips. This kuksa is just so individual though, with the dark burnt color of it. This one is made in Russia, but there are so so many listed on Etsy. They are basically wooden mugs that you can wear while you spend time outdoors. Update: This one is sold out, so here is an alternate!

Raised by Boooooks t-shirt: This is another item from my own list. Lol. It is not an Etsy find, but from the company Out of Print, which has so many neat bookish items! I love this one for me, but they also have so many cute kids shirts!

Fox socks: My husband and I always get each other socks at Christmas, and Billy loves socks with patterns and pictures. These are perfect for anyone who loves nature and exploring! This company seems to have socks for every hobby and walk of life though.

Storiarts Anne of Green Gables scarf: I have loved these scarves for years and years. I think they are so cool. I chose this one for the blog because I love Anne and the color green, but there are many variations in their store!

Edgar Allen Poe glass tumbler: Remember I said I already bought something? This is what I bought for my Edgar Allen Poe loving cousin. Again, if Poe is not your jam there are other choices. I will say that I am very impressed with the quality of this glass, the weight and clarity, and the box itself is very nice as well!

8 x 10 Lonely Spruce Print: This is a legit print from a tree. The image was created using the remnants of a Red Spruce in Nova Scotia. It is just so unique! I love it and am considering it for our home. But which room? I can’t decide!

Magical Great Hall candle: For me, the magic of Harry Potter was all about the Great Hall. And Hogsmeade. And the Forbidden Forest. But I loved all the descriptions of the festivities that took place in the Great Hall. Maybe all the talk of food? This candle is visually appealing, and smells like waffles? That is fantastic, in my opinion! This is one you would need to order soon though, it looks like it takes a bit to ship!

Mary Shelley Frankenstein Quote Print: This is one of my favorite quotes. You will see it pop up again next week in my Kid’s Holiday Gift Guide. Lol. I received a bookish literary print a few years ago from my sister-in-law – a quote from Jane Austen actually – and I have it framed on display in my office now and I totally love it. This would be a great addition to any book nook or office or library! Again, the shop has many choices, including one with a few lyrics from “Morning Has Broken” that is simply beautiful. Update: This version is sold out but here is a cool printable alternate!

DIY Mushroom Lamp: This is so pretty! I don’t know much about this company at all (this is not from Etsy), they were actually from a suggested Instagram ad, so I want to throw that out there. I love this lamp though, and it is sort of neat that you get to make it! Perfect for that crafting fungi loving friend.. Update: So I found an alternative for this as well, that one does not need to DIY put together. It’s actually a little less expensive. Find it here! (this one is sold out – here is a very similar link~)

Fire Starter: I blame my husband for this one. He loves anything woodcrafted and outdoorsy and this fire starter is pretty nifty. Billy and I once went to an outdoor survival class and we did not pass the fire starting lesson. Lol. We would definitely need something to help us out if we were lost in the wilderness. Or just camping.

Wuthering Heights LiteraTea: So this is just fun! I picked this one for this post because it is Earl Grey tea, but there are other flavors. I love the packaging and I do love a pretty package!

And with that, I am going to check my Christmas list and see what I still need to do!