Usborne Books Independent Consultant

 I am a huge book addict, and have been ever since my mom put that first book in my hand when I was a toddler. I have a book review blog, Quixotic Magpie, where I review books for fun and upon publisher requests, and I also worked for nearly ten years in a local elementary library which was possibly the most fun and enjoyable job ever. I miss being able to explore, recommend, and encourage children’s literacy, and for me, being an Usborne Books Independent Consultant is a way that I can continue to do that – all while staying home with Wyatt and helping to build his library! And I just love the high quality, high interest books that Usborne publishes.


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I have been with Usborne since September 2017, and I am enjoying it greatly! It is the perfect little gig, whether you want to earn money just on the side for small projects, or even pay off your mortgage! I am part of a great team, and we would love to have you! Contact me for more information, or visit my website to check it all out!

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