A Semi-Random Round Up of Favorites and maybe some other things of 2021

It’s hard not to take a look back at the year when you reach the end and a new year is looming. I’ve mentioned before that New Year’s Eve makes me a bit melancholy, the passing of time makes me feel a bit wistful for the things that were and used to be. New Year’s Day I am ready for the fresh slate and adventures to be had, but New Year’s Eve is different for me. Anyway, let’s see what we really loved this year!


Hmm. Where to begin? I absolutely loved the new Rebecca and The Secret Garden.I think both were just visually stunning, especially The Secret Garden. I also really loved The Dig – I am intrigued by all of these discovery, archaeological finds from the past and Carey Mulligan was amazing in this movie. Disney and I also had a good relationship this year. I was a huge Indiana Jones fan in my youth, and I loved Emily Blunt’s character. Had I been a kid when this movie came out I probably would want to be Lily Houghton when I grew up. As for Luca, I loved the beauty of this cartoon, the story of acceptance, and of course, the Italy part. And Coco! Wyatt and I watched this together in October for the first time, while Billy was on a camping trip. It is probably one of my favorite Disney movies ever now. I just loved it – although I did totally cry at the end.


  1. Rachel Maksy: I love this channel. Maksy is a maker, and makes the coolest costumey type clothes. Her videos make me laugh, she is whimsical and weird, and has the cutest dog, named Frodo.

2. Roots and Refuge: A gardening/homesteader channel I watch. I learned how to grow fantastic tomatoes this year thanks to Jess!

3. Alexandra Roselyn: I just started to watch her channel recently. I love that she includes YA and middle grade reads in her videos as I am working on our home library for Wyatt beyond picture books. I know I will include tried and true favorites like the Little House books, Narnia, etc but I also want to explore newer options as well.


I hesitate to include this as I am not very knowledgeable about music; I just listen to what sounds good to me. But without a doubt, I became a Swiftie this year. Not really her earlier music, but her Folklore and Evermore albums in particular.

And now for some random favorites, as I did say there would be randomness!

Cereal: We eat a lot of cereal in this house. Well, Wyatt and I do. Our go to’s are Mom’s Best Cereals Mallow Oats, Nature’s Path Sunrise Crunchy Cinnamon, and Nature’s Path Envirokidz Panda Puffs.

Pens: This set of Tul pens in assorted colors. I always get a set of pens for Christmas and these are my favorites!

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Matcha Latte – iced or hot, I love it

Favorite candy: Haribo cherries!

Favorite purchases this year: I know Billy’s answer – the InstaPot. I am a tiny bit afraid of it but I like what he has made in it so far this year. My favorite non-animal purchase – all the art I have purchased this year from artists on Etsy. It’s been fun redoing our rooms!

I would love to hear about any of your favorite media that you have been consuming – listening, watching, tell me! Or any of your other favorites as well!


13 thoughts on “A Semi-Random Round Up of Favorites and maybe some other things of 2021

  1. This was a fun post! I really want to see the Secret Garden but I don’t have the right streaming! I loved “Fisherman’s Friends” (Netflix — gone now but a delightful movie) and also “The Dig” as well as the new “Dalgliesh” series on Acorn and the new “All Creatures Great and Small.” Looking forward to catching up on some of the more current stuff!

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    1. Thank you! It was nice to look back at the year! I loved The Secret Garden! It was just so visually beautiful! And we watched that too – I think it was on my favorites list last year! It was really good.

      We really need to watch Dalgliesh and All Creatures Great and Small too! I am looking forward to All Creatures for sure.


  2. I have the new Rebecca on my queue and plan to watch it soon.

    I eat a lot of Special K…although I should branch out on the flavors.

    I am a melancholy New Year’s Eve person, which has me watching old movies and eating popcorn…but I don’t have any popcorn right now. I should order some.

    Enjoy your New Year’s Eve…and the blank slate of a New Year!

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    1. I really like that actress in Rebecca for some reason! Lol.

      Oo I like Special K too. The kind with the strawberries.

      We are the same! We will be snacking and watching movies and I will probably fall asleep at 10 and Billy will wake me up at midnight. Lol.

      Thank you, you as well!


    1. I am glad to have “met” you as well!!!

      I so agree about The Dig! I feel like it was this quiet little movie that was fantastically acted and filmed and I didn’t hear much about it. I thought it was so good.

      Tul are the best! I actually started using them because I borrowed a few of my husband’s and was like, I need these too. Lol.

      Those YouTubers are all so different but I really enjoy all of their content. Alexandra Roselyn has some wonderful book suggestions. She also is a librarian for middle grade so she knows her stuff!


  3. I love these lists and favourites! I really enjoyed 14 Peaks on Netflix (a wonderful mountaineer from Nepal – I worked on his books and the film was superb) and we enjoyed Ted Lasso in the main, though it went a bit weird. We also loved Taskmaster which might be UK only but is always entertaining. In cereals, branflakes and oats might be a bit dull but they helped keep my cholesterol down …


  4. My insta pot and bread machine both scare me. I still reach for my crock pot over and over, though. My daughter is using her insta pot to sterilize baby bottles!!

    Love the movies you shared. Have seen most of them but especially enjoyed Coco. Have you seen Encanto yet? Equally gorgeous.

    Thank you for sharing Alexandra’s YouTube channel and video with us. I am passing along to my book club and pinning to Pinterest. Would LOVE to try my hand at similar video posts but so shy in front of the camera.

    Wishing you and the family a picture perfect 2022.

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    1. I am always nervous my Insta pot will explode! LOL. I feel a little more comfortable with it; Billy and I made homemade chicken noodle soup in it the other night and we went step by step and I am a little more confident. And what a great idea!!

      We just watched Encanto and I LOVED it!! So good!!!

      And yay! I am glad you enjoyed the suggestion! I think you should give it a go!!! Just pretend you are talking to your students or your family or someone that makes you comfortable! Although, I totally get it, I get nervous about that idea too.

      And thank you Leslie – I wish the same for you and yours.


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