Hello December!

Well, here we are! December! And Michigan is behaving appropriately right now, with cold and snow right on cue for the holiday season. I love snow – until the end of February, when I am ready for it to be gone and for spring to arrive. But this month is the month of the Full Quiet Moon – when we have our longest, darkest nights, when we need to snuggle in our homes, eating all the good comfort foods, warming up with delicious hot chocolate and tea, reading and crafting and for the days when we are feeling squirrely, invigorating wintry hikes that refuel our spirits.

Before we move on, let’s take a look back at some of my favorite November moments.. and I just realized I never blogged about Wolfenoot! I will do that soon.

I’m pretty excited about Christmas this year. I started shopping months ago, I am all in on books and movies and music, and really, just everything. We are hoping to have a jam making day with my brother and his family soon, along with a Winter Solstice celebration with just the three of us. And frankly, I want to spend this month enjoying my family, the small moments, the quiet moments. The nights watching the snow fall gently outside, going for rides to look at Christmas lights, those hushed hikes through the woods in winter. Watching the birds at my bird feeders, and hoping for a glimpse of the little baby possum who likes to hang out here as well. I used to jam our schedule all of up – now I am going for quality over quantity. Although, I wouldn’t mind one activity..maybe the lights at the zoo? Or the Holiday Nights event at Greenfield Village, but just me and Billy, like a (gasp) date night? What is that even, I don’t remember. Hmm…maybe both?

As you all go about your months, savor these moments. Do the things that fill you up and make you smile. That restore your soul.


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