It’s that time again! I’m joining up with Anne in Residence for her monthly This month we are talking about what we are celebrating, collecting, gifting, thinking, and trying!

Celebrating: This one is easy! We are celebrating the addition of our newest family member, born last Friday! My cousin and his wife had their third son on the 28th, named Francis (Frankie) Elias. Frankie is named for our grandfather, and I absolutely love it. He is so darn cute and I can’t wait to meet him! Mom and baby are doing great.

Collecting: Ideas and art for our bedroom refresh that we are starting this month. We loved how the office turned out so much that now we are eyeing other rooms. Our bedroom has not been repainted since we moved in twenty years ago!! It is high time to rectify that. Not only have our tastes changed it’s just been too long. I can’t wait! I already have a few pieces picked out that I want to get but I won’t let myself pull the trigger until we actually start. It will be my reward. This is one that I have in mind. If you follow me here regularly, you will know that I love all things nature and I dig this artist. I bought her fox print for the office, and I kind of like the idea of carrying that idea into another room.

(art by FainaLorah Luna Moth Art Print)

Gifting: Not too much right now? I do have my eyes open for Father’s Day gifts and ideas!

Thinking: About summer and what we want to accomplish – or not accomplish. We want to finish up the bedroom and then sort of spend the rest of the summer without projects except being together, exploring nature, having fires and drinks with family, going on picnics and visiting some of our favorite places. We want a relaxed summer, one that ends with everyday feeling that good kind of tired.

Trying: To encourage butterflies to our yard! Specifically, monarchs. The past few years my friends have all “raised” monarchs to give them more of a fighting chance at survival. This summer, I think Wyatt and I will be joining in. I planted milkweed and all sorts of different plants to entice butterflies, so hopefully we will see some monarch caterpillars hanging out in the garden soon. I am going to have my mom do it too, I think she will like it!

And that is it for this month! Check back next month where we will be discussing what we are currently eatingfeelinggoingordering, and realizing.


29 thoughts on “Currently….

  1. Ooh love the print. And the name Frankie (of course cute boy names are very much on my radar right now!). Most of all, love your list of accomplish/not accomplish for the summer. Sounds perfect.

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    1. LOL! I bet they are!! I love it. It has a nice old fashioned ring to it, but is also cute too for a kid. We have lots of little boys in our family right now – mine (Wyatt James Atticus.. lol) Rowan, Kieran, Gus, Frankie, and Joey. The boys outnumber the girls in our family right now!

      Thanks! I am looking forward to a relaxing summer!


  2. Carolyn

    Oooh, I love what you’re ‘thinking’!! And about those monarchs…I planted milkweed seeds last October, according to the instructions, and nothing came up this year. Did you start your seeds indoors? I think I need some milkweed advice 🙂
    I’ll bet that bedroom refresh is going to feel great! I am always inspired by the pictures of your home! xo

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    1. I bought my milkweed from a nursery lol. My SIL tried to grow from seed and her milkweed did not grow either. 😦 I’ve heard it can be tricky!! There is a pollinator day happening at a nursery here on Saturday that I am going to attend, I will ask them about growing it! 🙂

      I am super excited about it. I am so over our room. Lol.


      1. Well that makes me feel a little bit better! I figured it’d, quite literally, grow like a weed…! Perhaps I should try a starter plant. That’s usually my go-to with flowers, anyway…because I love the instant gratification of, voila! Plant in the ground! Now that so much of my garden is established, I suppose I *could* be a little more patient with seeds. Thank you!


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