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I took some time off from blogging and social media in general last week to just have a “week off”. We homeschooled, but didn’t do as much as we normally would, and we also prepared for our little Thanksgiving. It was just me, Billy, and Wyatt, so I picked our favorite sides, cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and then we made cranberry rosemary chicken and called it done. It was a good meal with my guys, but didn’t feel like Thanksgiving. I also had a terrible time baking! I dropped my pumpkin pie, my shortbread didn’t turn out, and Billy had to run to to the store early in the morning Thursday to grab a pumpkin pie so we had dessert. Lol. We did have two great family video chats with our families though so that was a bright spot in our day. Billy had to work Friday, so we put up our tree on Saturday and decorated for Christmas. Wyatt loves the tree every year so it is a happy occasion, always.

Read Last Week:

So this book was amazing and fully deserves all the love it receives. I ended up buying it and don’t regret it; it was fantastic and I can’t wait to read Winn’s next book. It was beautifully written, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me read parts out loud to Billy – definitely on my top ten of the year.

Reading This Week:

I love anything with a fox. And this looks perfect for my mood right now!


Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch version), GBBS, Agatha Raisin (again), and the Queen’s Gambit, which is amazing. When Billy and I were younger and frequented coffee houses all the time, there was sort of a chess thing happening at the time as well, and everyone was playing. We entered a tournament and I remember I beat one of the top guys and his friends were all you got beat by a girl! I am of course nowhere even close to Beth’s skill level in The Queen’s Gambit, but so weird that being beaten “by a girl” was a weird thing even when I was playing.

Wyatt is watching a lot of Molly of Denali, Wild Kratts, and Scout and Daisy these days. I have to admit, I love all of those cartoons too…

And that is about it from my corner of Michigan right now! Stay safe everyone.


18 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Time off is good for recharging the batteries, or just taking a break. And sorry about the pie and shortbread- that would be so frustrating! Sounds like you guys had some yummy food though besides! And it’s always nice to get the lights and stuff out. 🙂

    Hope you guys are having a nice and relaxing weekend.

    We watched Enola Holmes last night and it was fun (if you haven’t seen it yet).

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  2. I skipped Thanksgiving all together this year! I know some people love this holiday but it is my least favorite meal so I made burgers. I giggled the whole time too like I was misbehaving in class. I am sorry about your baking mishaps – truthfully, I have never managed to make a complicated holiday meal without at least two. Have the best week you can!

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  3. Oh, mishaps when baking/cooking are just part of the fun, I think. Even those of us who have been cooking a good bit longer than you have our disasters. I made homemade pizza with a new recipe, for example, early last week, and the crust was very disappointing. Oh well. Into the trash, and try again!

    So glad to hear how much you enjoyed The Salt Path. I am so, so tempted to buy it, but I’m trying to be good. I will add it to my Amazon wish list and maybe Santa will bring it for Christmas.

    After four or five months, we have finally finished Seinfeld and we can now press on to the Queen’s Gambit and other shows that have been recommended to us. My sons both learned to play chess at school (not sure why) and they still love it.

    Have a great week!


    1. Lol! Yeah, I try not to get too hung up on it. I am sort of a hit or miss baker. Sometimes I do great – others, er, not so much. Lol. And I have been wanting to try to make homemade pizza!

      I really really loved The Salt Path. I don’t buy many books, and when I do they are usually books like The Salt Path, so I am glad that I did buy it. Lol. I also bought Salt Dark Clear or whatever it is called and I am excited to get it tomorrow! (I had some birthday money..)

      The Queen’s Gambit is excellent. That is cool that your sons learned it in school!


  4. Oh no, baking disasters are always annoying, but I imagine especially so when it comes to holiday baking… All the same, it sounds like you had a nice day with the three of you, a good meal, and family chats.

    I hope your time away proved to be just what you needed – a recharge even.

    Happy reading and a lovely week to you.

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