Goodbye October, Hello November!

It’s a big day here in America, and I know most of the country is feeling anxious and worried about what will happen should their candidate not win. It is just more uncertainty for a year already filled with uncertainty and upheaval. It’s a rough one, I know. I am trying my very best to look past this day and moment to the things I can control (a mantra of mine this year!) I am also drinking lots of tea and eating chocolate.

October flew by. We had some good times! Time outside, exploring, with friends, with family as best we could. We even celebrated our first snow of the season with Chinese takeout, a long time tradition of ours! We splurged and ordered from a fancy Chinese restaurant in Detroit, The Peterboro. That bao was amazing…

This month Billy and I celebrate our 20th anniversary – tomorrow, actually! That is crazy to me. Aren’t we still just 20 years old? Lol. Then, my birthday is midmonth, on the 16th. I am not sharing that number though. We have some ideas in mind to make this month as special as we can despite the circumstances. I am busily putting together our lesson plans for the rest of the month and December, thinking of ways to socially distance and see our family, which in Michigan might get tricky with this weather, planning new creative projects to try. And it is pie month for Billy and I!

Whatever this month holds I am trying to keep looking forward and keep on keeping on.

Stay safe everyone!


16 thoughts on “Goodbye October, Hello November!

  1. Congrats on that 20th anniversary! I have never made it that far in either of my marriages…ten years was my final point.

    My oldest son was born on November 17!

    Happy upcoming birthday.

    May we all get past the anxiety of this year…and soon!

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    1. Thank you! When I met Billy at 17 my mom was so funny, she was like “I don’t want you hanging out with that boy all summer” because he looked so punk rock with his mohawk. And here we are, 20 years later. And of course she loves him dearly because he is a really good man. πŸ™‚

      And that is awesome! Billy’s older brother’s birthday is the 17th!

      I feel like I was anxious even in my sleep last night.

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  2. Rebecca Jo

    A happy anniversary to you! It goes by so fast, doesnt it???
    I’m with you on saying I’m still 20 – LOL… I just found out that I am now the age my mom was at my wedding day – OUCHHHHH

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