This week has been a mix of busy and just simply being and enjoying. I gave us a week off of schooling, and we had some good times playing outside as well as time inside in the A/C. Neither of us enjoy sun or heat that much…

We headed outside in the mornings and evenings, but in the heat of the day we tucked up in the house to craft or read or watch tv or just play and veg. Lots of that happened this week.

I am still catching up on the yard and garden areas – most of it is still wild and crazy but we have some semblance of actual garden areas coming together. I planted lots of lavender, and my lavender from last year is forming a wonderful little hedgerow in front. I love it. I also got some herbs and veggies in the ground, and some flowers, finally. Today we mulch and I am going to plant a few more seeds, which hopefully will grow for me. Fingers crossed all!

I signed up for a virtual conference/workshop for a homeschooling philosophy I wanted to learn more about, and this week there was pre-conference coffee chat every morning. While I did my work, so did Wyatt. I am such a huge researcher of everything . So before I move forward I have to do tons of research – reading, conferences, speaking with homeschool moms (looking at you Lisa!) Wyatt seems to enjoy doing work with me so that is a bonus. Although, he does do the Mom, Mom look thing every 5 seconds. Lol.

Sunday we also made soap together as a family – we did the melt and pour variety so that Wyatt could be involved, and it was so fun and easy! I wanted to show Wyatt some different things that could be made using honey, and I thought soap would be an interesting one. And then we could also use this adorable bee mold too, which was sort of for Wyatt but mostly for me. The soap turned out really well. It has a great lather and smells good too – I added lavender oil to it. If you are interested, I used this DIY recipe. We are hooked now though, and have a cart full of oils and soap making things filled over on Bramble Berry to make more. My sister-in-law makes soap from scratch, using lye, and is going to teach me next weekend, which should be really neat! Since we have to wear PPE anyway, it is almost the perfect activity to do with a friend.

Billy took some much needed vacation time this weekend, Friday and Monday off, so we have a long weekend of family time ahead of us. We have no real plans but I am sure we will have fun!


16 thoughts on “Summertime..

    1. I am super intimidated by the kind my SIL makes, with lye. This one was so easy because the actual soap making part is done, the saponification they call it. You buy a base, like I bought 2 pounds of goat’s milk base, then melt it all together, mix in your add ins, then pour it in your mold. All together it took like an hour and a half. And it still makes a nice bar of soap! šŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! That is exactly how I picture it, standing around a big iron pot. My SIL said we should be able to do it outside, and in my mind we are stirring a pot that is on top of a bonfire. Pretty sure that is not what will really happen. I guess I will find out!


  1. I need to find a virtual conference about homeschooling! it would be awesome to talk to other parents about the process. I’m getting ready to file our intent to homeschool with the local district, even though we haven’t totally decided what we are doing yet. I have ordered some curriculum and bookmarked others I want to order. We have an evaluation for our portfolio from this school year scheduled next week, even though the state waved the requirements to submit it or even do it for this year. I want to have it done anyhow, in case they change their minds like they have been about everything else.

    That soap is awesome! I need to try to make soap. I have heard of others doing it but I never seem to have enough gumption to do it.

    I hope you’ll do a blog post when you make it with your sister-in-law!

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    1. This is the one I signed up for, and it is pretty inexpensive! It starts Monday, so if you wanted you might be able to join. It does focus on Charlotte Mason exclusively but has been informative for me already and it was just the pre-workshop stuff.

      I need to read more on Michigan’s requirements, but from the looks of it, they don’t really have any. Lol. Which is weird but ok. (I’m shrugging my shoulders here)

      That soap is so easy! The melt and pour the actual making the soap soap part is already done. Next weekend might be a little more intense. LOL.

      I will for sure try to get photos of the process but I might need a hand with that – I have to wear giant gloves during the making. My brother might be convinced to help me out though. šŸ™‚


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  3. *Flora*

    Sound like a nice week, Erin. The soaps look really cool. A friend of mine makes soaps too and always gives me lovely little gift baskets at Christmas and my birthday.


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