Homeschooling: Interrupted

Last week started off well – we kicked off butterfly week with some great activities and the emerging of our butterflies, which was exciting! Wyatt strung together this great looking banner (I glued them to heavy paper and cut them out first) then we hung it in his window.

Then we were derailed. We had a neurologist appointment for Wyatt on Wednesday (video) and we ended up getting an overnight EEG for him the next day. This kid is something else, he is so strong and brave and undergoes so many things with such a good disposition. He is pretty amazing.

I was a mess honestly. Having to go to a last minute emergency overnight EEG during a pandemic was the last thing I wanted to do obviously. But the EEG did show that Wyatt has seizure activity occurring in his brain, and we were able to start him on medication immediately.

So our week took a different route than we had originally planned, but we are home now and together and have some answers on something that had been worrying us for months. He was originally supposed to get this EEG during the peak here in Michigan and it was obviously postponed, until it couldn’t be.

Anyway! For those interested, I did download many resources for butterfly week.


Butterflies – Little Pine Learners

All About Butterflies – Science for Little Learners

Butterfly Math – Linda’s Loft for Little Learners

Painted Lady Butterfly Unit – Stephanie Hathaway

Twig and Moth

Twig and Moth Butterflies and Moths

Books We Read:


Wild Republic Butterfly Nature Tube

Insect Lore Life Cycle Toy


26 thoughts on “Homeschooling: Interrupted

  1. Wow — that’s scary. Maybe Wyatt is getting a homeschooling in home healthcare these days and there is much to be said for learning all that young. He sounds like he’s really a champ. Good luck with it all –I hope the meds are successful.

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  2. Still praying! Hope he’s doing okay today and you’re getting more answers. I downloaded some of the resources you mentioned before and now we finally have ink so I can print some of them out to use for her lessons this week. She loves watching her caterpillars too! (P.S. I shouldn’t admit this, but I can’t spell caterpillar to save my life. I seriously just had to google it because I kept messing it up! lol!)

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    1. Haha doesn’t it always seem like there are words out there your brain just can’t get right? I have a hard time with recommend. Lol. I hope you guys are enjoying the caterpillars! I need to get ink- I just tried to print out some stuff for this week and found I didn’t have any black ink. 😦

      And thank you so much for all your prayers!

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