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It was a pretty good week last week! Lots of good things happening all around me, lots of outside time, lots of reading and playing. We are just trying to soak up these last weeks of summer! Saturday we took Wyatt to his first music group, and he had a blast. He is so darn musical! It was our first time attending the group and he picked up a few of the sounds really quickly – he was even the only kid there who was singing at all. Lol. Of course, he also doesn’t like to stay in the circle and wants to scoot around and explore so that happens too, but overall it was a really fun experience and we are looking forward to the rest of the sessions this month! Billy and I also had a wee little date night – this time we went out to the nearby woods and took a tiny hike then joined in on the bonfire and interpreter led discussion on Michigan’s woodpeckers. I came home from Texas knowing that Billy and I need more time together without kiddo sometimes, and I put some plans into action! This week coming up we have are going to Greenfield Village for a members only bike night, where we get to ride our bikes around the village, and then for dinner on Saturday with some friends we haven’t seen in a long time!

Read Last Week:

I’m actually a bit behind on What the Wind Knows – I am trying to finish and review a bunch of books from my NetGalley list for their Reviewathon, and unfortunately my book club book got lost in there!

Reading This Week:

Another from my NetGalley shelf that I hope to read and review along with my book club book.

Posted Last Week:

Taking Time

Book Review: The Little Bookshop on the Seine

Book Review: Relative Fortunes


We have settled right back into Criminal Minds lol. Also, we watched two seasons of This Farming Life on Britbox, which was really well done! Billy and I found ourselves having a discussion about bulls the other day and we had to laugh, since bulls are not exactly a part of our lives! It was just funny. Great show though.


25 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Have fun at Greenfield Village! I haven’t been there in ages seems like.

    And yay for time in the woods! It can be so hard sometimes to make time for stuff like that- nice that you guys do.

    Have a super week! 🙂

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  2. It is so important to have non-kid time. I love the sound of a bike ride date night. Thank goodness for my sister and her husband who would trade off babysitting with us. That’s all that kept me sane at times.

    I love the look of all your books. I think I will have to look for What the Wind Knows, Relative Fortunes, and The Secret to Happiness.

    Have a great week!

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  3. I love to visit farms and talk about farms, but unfortunately never get enough acreage. We have a bit over 1/2 acre now and I keep mentioning chickens to the hubs but the start-up cost for giving them a home that is warm in our Maine winters gives us pause.

    I love that you find joy in the simple things- family, food, nature. Thanks for sharing a window into your interesting world, Erin! And I love hearing about the little guy– how much he as grown! Hope he keeps loving his music time. My grown son just took up the violin at age 30, and no one in my family is musically-inclined, lol.

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    1. I would love a farm too!!! It’s a huge dream of ours lol. Chickens would be so fun, but I never thought about the winter upkeep. It would probably be tough!

      Aw thanks Rita! I love hearing that! 🙂

      And that is really awesome about your son!! I think it is good to always keep learning new things, and trying new things, no matter how old you are. Good for him! (and no one in our family is either, although I think Wyatt might be the first!)


      1. Rick and I haven’t volunteered for a long time because it usually conflicts with our summer plans but it really is wonderful for the kids. I’m not sure but I think scholarships are often available too. It’s really grown in the past years. Check it out! (Judy, who helped found it, is a powerhouse when it comes to advocacy and such for special needs. They might have a mailing list for when next year’s camp opens.

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  4. A bicycle sounds like the perfect way to see Greenfield Village! At their fall festival they often have lots of hobbyists riding those old style high-wheel bikes, but your upcoming event is much more appealing.

    best… mae at


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