My Sunday-Monday Post

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I didn’t get as much reading done as I wanted to last week, but I did get more family time in. So I guess it was a good trade. 🙂 We just did some little things, but sometimes that is all you need.
Read Last Week:
I am almost done with Virgil Wander. I love it!! It is one of those books that you know you are going to love the minute you open it and start reading. Just the writing alone!
I made some headway with Braiding Sweetgrass. I love it, but it is slow reading for me, and sometimes I just need to escape when I read, and last week was one of those weeks. I am still reading it, but it’ll probably show up on my blog here for a while. Lol.
Reading This Week:

Two totally different type books, and I am excited about both of them! I going to finish up Virgil then move on to these. Heart Berries is only 143 pages and Snowlicious is only 107 pages so they are both pretty short reads.

Posted Last Week:

Finding a Morning Rhythm

Snapshot Saturday


We are watching Riverdale (whoa!), Sabrina, Reign (just me), Lore, and the Great British Bake Off! I love that show. I think we are going to start baking more on Sundays, especially as it gets colder – and it has already snowed, so I think that time isn’t far off.



22 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Kathy Martin

    I didn’t know that Leif Enger was a local author for me until I saw an article about him in yesterday’s paper. I’m not familiar with his work. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  2. I just realized that when I clicked over to your blog, it brought me to an old post instead of today’s. So I left you a comment an old post LOL. The books you posted for today look good too. I like the cover for Snowlicious. I am making myself wait at least one more week to start reading Christmas books, but I’m excited to start!

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  3. Snowilicious looks like one I could read for HoHoHoRAT. I haven’t watched tv in months. I always end up reading or listening to an audiobook instead. Enjoy your week! Anne – Books of My Heart


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